Happy Women’s Day :)

8th March ’16.
International women’s day!

There is no compare to what a Woman can do for you, be it in any form. She loves you to the Moon and back, she Pampers you, her carefree touch makes you feel like Heaven. A woman in disguise is always there with you.

Believe it or not, You cannot live without her. The most cherished, mesmerizing, splendid and beautiful persona on earth are we the women! Only a woman understands what it takes to be a woman. She feels thousands of emotions all in one go, She experiences millions of relationships, She cares for each Single cell, Nourishing every soul in contact and still Smiles. She gives and never expects.

Woman, what is the meaning of the word Woman?

Woman means Beautiful, Woman means Love, Woman means care and affection.

Gifted with high emotional intelligence, probably possessing more management skills than MBA Graduate and Highly impressive succulent content combining Body and Brain, woman are lavishing creatures Making the world beautiful and lively since EVE & Adam.

People say behind every successful man is a woman, and Let me tell you behind every successful woman is a failure. Breaking stereotypes, woman handles so many responsibilities and roles, Only they are the most adaptable, Multi talented creatures born to create the world and to be the world.

A woman can change your world, she can be the only One you need, she can go Beyond her boundaries to do Anything for you, a Woman in love is a Blessing. 

Pay tribute to all those Women in love with you. They are waiting for your warm regards & little things they expect but you never DO! Hug your Mom, Send flowers to your sweet Sister and your better half. Not forgetting your best friend, your best advisor. They love you like no one can. A sweet little gesture can make their whole world Beautiful. They love you who Just want to feel Special. (only thing she wants infact 😉

Make them feel special! They are worth it.

Dedicated to all the Girls . Stay Beautiful 🙂
Happy Women’s day!




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