How dreadful these words sound? BREAK UP!

Here is a Conversation between me and him.

Me-I don’t know about you, But I faced a lot of BREAK UP’S in my life. I have been Emotionally Hurt, Damaged and had a Hard time coping with them.*agonizing lost friendships & relationships*

He-What does Break up even mean?
me-End of friendships or Relationships!

-Why would I do that with anyone?
Most people do it, I don’t know the reasons.*trying to hide all of them I know*

-Definitely not,If I truly care about that person and promise to care and share the happiness and troubles?*he looks at me quizzically*

Never Fall in Love, it’s a trap!
– Just because you broke up?

NO! because people FALL Out of Love eventually,they….umm they. . . . . *my Voice trails off.*
-Hey C’mon speak up? *inquisitive*

Nothing,Just leave.
-Alright,*goes infuriated*

Every evening we met and sat by the Evening Psalm of Palm tree gestures
under the stretch of the fading sunset,
I resided in those Evenings,
those springs of fresh air and sand smell Wet.
Flowers blossomed in the heart every evening
seeing the Face of My beloved.
I have been in Love and at it’s best,
Rewarded with Conquest of the tempest.
Of the Hailstorms and raindrops which never rest,
I saw dark nights after the Lovely evenings,
Bizzare sunrises and BURNING afternoons. 

*knock on the door*

-hey! what are u doing?
Nothing, ahh just …. umm *trying to hide what I wrote on the notebook*

-show me,
Leave it, It’s just an assignment!

-You, IT retards would never stop doing all this shit *Laughs heartily*
yeah, yeah.*still Lost*

-Hey, I just joked a little don’t be serious,okay.
I think you should Listen to my Break up story.*serious*

-SERIOUSLY!*his eyes are large as Big black buttons*

-*too much interested* it has been 7 months I have been asking about it, How come Today?
I wanna rant my fears, my feelings today.

-Please! I am all ears, Start.

In the meanwhile, I start remembering my Love story, Leaving the paper I am trying to hide.He reads the paper and looks up

-You are Unbelievably Romantic!*his face softens*
We met in my class & I was so naughty. I used to tease him in my lectures, Profs and even in the exams. He came across as a shy guy, our friendship grew, our phone calls grew. We became really good friends, and his night calls increased, I had completely no idea, where I was going. I trusted him without question, I had never been with a guy before. BUT..

-but what?   

                                                               …TO BE CONTINUED

Break Up 2


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