LIFE after College, @ WORK!

You all are missing your college days, Badly. Some are not even thinking about it, some are relaxing in casual Holiday mood where some excited ever ready to party bunch has already met two to three times after college and some are already being screwed at the office!

Howsoever it may be, Life has changed. One thing we all have in common is we will not be going back to our college. WORK is our life now.

“Okay, Vansha with an OOO?” the conference room filled with the delightful laughter of unknown faces.

“Yes, Mam!” looking towards Sanjukta tried explaining my name again. *everytime story*

Everyone is going through this Uncertain Phase of life. What should I do? Should I STUDY? When will I get a good job? When will the joining come? Will it come or not? How will be my office? What will be my in hand salary? Where am I going to live? How will I survive? What team what tasks? Colleagues?

Many are going through this, Many already had an experience. They love their job and equally hate it. All in mind is to Go get up for JOB, get a New one or completely Change whatever is going in life. There is no more college cheer and excitement. There is no more Aaj jaenge maje krke aaenge, Everything sounds so off shore now. Just in a blink, all that College Vivaciousness is lost.

It has now been Three weeks and I love Saturday, Sunday and wait for every next day to turn on Friday. Time is flying fast, I hardly have time to look after myself or to my family and I  have completely Lost track of my best friends and college life. A lot has changed and will change, the work culture, the ethics, and the Work has engulfed me. I now understand the hassles of earning Money.

I now understand what I ever wanted was not Money to earn but the FREEDOM the money gave. There has been a complete blockage of one’s own personal life and enjoyment after Job, whenever are you eating, sleeping or Traveling you just want a holiday and Saturday-Sunday just pass in a blink.

Many people are bored at home waiting for their joining, some are out on the vacations, Enjoying While there are some still holding onto college life and missing it Badly.

Once in a LIFE, everyone should do a JOB. To know what exactly happens to the person in the corporate. Being an IT Student I never found love in coding and found my interest elsewhere ending up being a blogger. But it was here in ALgoworks I realised where my true Credibility lies. I love to Code!

Sometimes Destiny takes you to a right place, to a place where you belong. Never be upset of your failures and never hold back onto something you could not get through. You never know the path where your excellency lies. Trust your Destiny and Whatever happens, Because your mind may not know what you want but your Heart truly knows. Trust me you are here this is your best Place.

And if you don’t like where you are,Get up do something, bring a Change Because when the pain of being the same exceeds the pain of change then only a true Soul comes to life as life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

If you are free these Vacations, Just do not sit idle. Be the change, There are so many issues demanding your attention. WE are the youth, we can create history.

I read it on a Memento gifted to me by Juniors

“Build your own dreams, Otherwise someone Else will Hire you to BUILD theirs” Go ahead fulfil your dreams. It is the best time. Take care.

For the Dear Readers.
Happy Saturday and Sunday. Make the most of your Life. It happens only Once.


2 thoughts on “LIFE after College, @ WORK!

  1. Hmmmm … Gr8 wordss… 😊 its a combination of wonderful college memories with the amazing job experiences . Ya its algo 👌👌. Nd vry true about the weekend waiting process nd ur name description.☺☺ Well said miss blogger . 👍👍👍 keep it up 🙂 ☺😊


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