Colors of Life

“God, the life here is so colorful, cherishable and peaceful, everyone here loves me then why are you sending me there. I am fearful of going. I have heard that people there are cruel and selfish so how am I going to live and manage there. I am so tender and small to judge them and what if I am unable to survive there” asked a small baby who was about to be sent to earth. God peacefully kept listening to all his apprehensions and then smiled and said: “Can you ever imagine a life without colors?”.

“No” abruptly replied the baby. “This world is incomplete without colors”.

“You know every individual in this world is a color and all these colors together complete a life. The absence of even a single one leaves a vacuum in life and makes life incomplete” said God.

The child was completely confused and inquisitively asked: “But how am I going to identify these colors and their importance in my life?”.

God very patiently then explained him the gist of LIFE, he said

“Right from first time opening up your eyes to last time closing your eyes, you will come across different colors in life. As soon as you will open your eyes in this beautiful world, you will see the most important color of your life ‘White‘ that is your mother. Serene, beautiful and adaptable, she will be an epitome of sacrifice and love who will be always ready to mingle up with any other color to protect you. She will be the only one who if required will be happily ready to lose her own identity to give you all the happiness in the world.

The next color you will see is the warm and bright ‘Yellow‘, your father. Like sun nurtures life and burns itself to brighten the world, your father will burn himself to make your life bright and fulfill all your dreams and desires. As the sun is symbolic of the existence of life, so is your father. His presence will be symbolic of your existence. You can depend on upon him for all your success and you will never be disappointed.

But sometimes excess warmth and brightness of sun might make you feel burnt and exhausted but then another beautiful color ‘Blue‘ will shield you from the excessive heat of the sun and you will meet your siblings. They will always stand by you to help you win in all even and odd circumstances. They will soothe you and will be the color you will laugh, enjoy, fight and have memories you’ll cherish throughout your life.”

“Wow!!! life seems beautiful….” screamed child in utter excitement.

God smiled and continued…
”Your elders ‘Pink‘ color will be very affectionate and compassionate towards you and their blessings will always encourage you to get all the success in the world.
Life will seem like a flower bed to you and then as you will grow up its fragrance will intensify more and more when another beautiful color will beautify your life ‘Green‘ color, your lovely friends who will divide your pain and multiply your happiness by large numbers. They will give a new meaning to your life and make you a happy soul.
But… as they say ‘if the wind is always right, who would learn to adjust the Sail?’ 

There has to be some incidents and experiences that will make you strong and confident. Your life will be impacted a lot when you will encounter ‘Black‘, your foes, which will slowly overpower all the other happy colors of your life and you will start feeling gloomy, frustrated and lost. You will feel demotivated at times and maybe life will feel like a burden and you would feel that you have lost the battle when the most special color of your life will enter your life- ‘Red‘ the love of your life who will hold your hand and will become your strength to minimize the intensity of black color and help you to stand strong again. Its love, care, confidence in you and determination to win any battle for you will give you a lot of strength to forget all the bitter memories and move forward with a newly risen confidence. Red will dissolve all your pain, agony and problems and plant seeds of happiness which will bloom to make you stand with pride and honor – ‘Brown‘, your children. You will feel that your life is complete now and you would want to move hand in hand with your life partner to make the seeds grow to their full.

The colorful cycle of life will gradually come to an end like this and slowly you will start fading happily, with no regrets in life.”

“Is the life of every individual destined to be the same as you explained?” asked the tiny one.

God said “Dear!!! do you know what is the basic and best nature of colors??? Whenever they mix with one another the result is always a new and different color. This new color may be of your choice and taste and may be completely opposite to it but every color has its importance in some or the other way. Same goes for life, you might miss some of the colors, dislike some or maybe sometimes the situation is such that colors have to be mixed but at the end you will never regret about anything and always keep in mind that every color is equally beautiful and your life would have been incomplete without all of them being a part of it. ”

Life is beautiful. Live it to the full with no regrets. At times things won’t favor you but remember every situation either leaves memories or lessons so live the way you want to without any fear in your heart. Grudges and resentment over what has happened only bring pain and will intensify black so love more and live more. Whatever you go through in life is necessary for you to stand strong, bold and high in the end.

Keep coloring your life and be a beautiful color of other’s life too. ‘Every color is beautiful, so is life’.


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