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When I lost my Virginity!

Virginity, Sounds Old? Yes it does. But wait I can see an eyebrow raised there! Sounds Interesting! How did it go? What did u guys do? Is it Awkward? How are you feeling? Well if you haven’t heard, from any of your friends regarding their first experience let me reveal what’s concealed! It finally happened on 27th Jan’16 at around 4.30 pm between me and Mithoon. YES! … Continue reading When I lost my Virginity!

Coffee Date

“Hi” he uttered with the ultimate surprise. I looked at him in amazement, my lips parted in surprise and eyebrows raised with the sudden joy of surprise. “Woah, Hi” I was out aloud in the expression and overwhelmed. I never thought I would meet him like this. 4 YEARS AGO INDIRA GANDHI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, DELHI Cabin crew announcing: Dear Passenger your Flight to Pune will be of 3 … Continue reading Coffee Date

S3 – The Lost Lake 4

I just rushed to the hospital and grabbed a form to admit her, the nurse and other attendants put her on the stretcher and gave her the basic first aid. There were going to be stitches in the head. As soon as I got there I was all the more Nervous and the peculiar hospital and medicinal smell of disinfectants and blood made me breathless. I didn’t … Continue reading S3 – The Lost Lake 4

S3-The Lost Lake 3

The next Morning I woke up. My college ended at 3 pm and Work hours started at 5 Pm which use to extend till 3 in the morning. I use to come home and sleep exhausted. I moved away from Marla’s place into the city a few years back and Rebo also came to live with me. She was in High School when she shifted to … Continue reading S3-The Lost Lake 3